Personable, fun, creative and unique social media management, crafted for your small business.

At Amarela Digital, we know what it feels like to want to stand out from the crowd. With a huuuugeeee selection of marketing folk to choose from nowadays, what makes us so special?

You may feel the same way about your business and social media.

“Well, someone’s already covered my niche to high heaven, it’s been done a million times over, I can’t possibly stand out, ESPECIALLY on something as congested as social media, why would anyone come to me over my competitor when we offer a similar thing?”

Have a think right now about when you get yourself ready to go shopping, you have your list and you’re about to head out the door, do you know which store you are going to?

There’s a very high chance you do, because you always go to the same one. There are very few of us that head out to do the shopping, with no store in mind at all.

So, why are you going to THIS store? Maybe it’s just because it suits your budget, maybe they offer the best discounts, maybe you get on really well with the staff, they may have great point card incentives or give generously to charity.

You go to this store because it means something to YOU. So, what do we mean by that? There are many, many stores that sell apples, for example, you could go to any of those stores for apples. But the thing is, no sells apples quite like your chosen store. You want to spend your hard earned money in this store, because this stores brand, their ethos, their history, their way of operations, connects with you.

Just like no one runs your business like you. Even if there are others who offer similar products/services to you, they are still not YOU.

Your business is more that just your product or service, it’s everything else that makes it so unique and special too! That’s what we place great focus on. Personality and connection. Marketing your business on social by shining and big old light on its story, its team, its history, its reason for being, showing off your products and services in a way that represents your brand.

Connecting to your customers on a human level, so that next time they require a product or service you have, they come to YOU.

Every business has its place and its people on social, it can be successful in this “crowded” space, by connecting and communicating in personal, fun, creative and unique ways.

So, are you ready to stand out?

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