The Best Looks From Paris Fashion Week S/S ’20

PFW – The Good, The Tat & The Anchovy Hat.

I’ve also included some simpler collections and some downright crazy pieces, just for your entertainment…

I know what you’re thinking, “oh, I wish all the best looks from Paris Fashion Week were all in one place, with some style notes and background on the collection…

Well, how did I know? Don’t you worry honey, I decided to do a full version and cover all of my favourite looks from Paris Fashion Week! All those amazing garments & styles in one place, some more average pieces and some amusing looks at the end just for a bit of fun!

I hope you guys love these looks as much as me! As always if you want full collections, the lovely people down at NOWFASHION have got you covered, all images used are from here. In between projects, I plan on doing a post that replicates some of the Paris Fashion Week S/S’20 styles with sustainable fashion. It’s 100% not an excuse to shop, not at all.


Incorporating the past into the future (well, at least until spring next year), Glen Martens collection for S/S ’20 managed to jump elegantly through various points in time. Pieces that didn’t all conform to the shape of the body, but all still flattering and well put together. Style notes – buttons sewn on the bias, raw edge seams and metallic touches, I love that pistachio blazer!

Alexander McQueen

A true sense of community went into this collection. Sarah Burton had a vision of designs that had been made as a result of people having the time to work together. The entire McQueen staff including HR, completely hand embroidered two of the fabulous dresses on show. Not only this, she upcycled lace, organza & tulle from previous seasons for these pieces, I am feeling it! Style notes – a neutral palette with muted colour pops in a few pieces, gorgeously soft leather, and exaggerated sleeves.


A truly stunning S/S ’20 collection, full of colourful fabrics & floaty silhouettes. It screamed Mediterranean summer, jungle print mixed with neon flashes adorned the runway after the first 12 garments presented were all white. Positive vibes only kinda show, that blew away the audience and filled guests with joy. Pierpaolo Piccioli gained himself a standing ovation for Valentino at Paris Fashion Week (are you surprised?) Style notes – blocks of neon, flowing long-sleeved pieces and a dash of sparkle, I couldn’t just pick three!

Oliver Theyskens

A few things are apparent for S/S ’20, underwear as outerwear is back and as much as I’m obsessed with glitter and colour, we can’t ignore the fact that black is going to be a key addition in your palette. Girls everywhere are losing their shit, who doesn’t love black and who doesn’t it suit? Switch yours up with a bright statement piece among all that sexy darkness guys and gals.

Theyskens gave us 90’s silhouettes, lining fabric and exposed darts for these pieces, and as much as they embody a gentle and feminine form, I was thinking one thing. “One way that he’s missing the current moment is with his quite narrow view of womanhood. To cast and cut for different-size women might push him forward.” I have to agree with Vogue on this one.


Simple silhouettes and only a couple of distinct necklines, Clare Waight Keller’s Paris Fashion Week collection embodied minimalism and a toned-down palette. A random element of the show, which was widely discussed, was the jeans. Although we have to give credit to these as they were crafted with upcycled fabrics and if that means next time more collections are sustainable but confusing as hell, I’m all for it. Style notes – ripped jeans (just in case you weren’t sure) midi skirts, deep colours & high necks.


A bright and slightly confusing display, Olivier Rousteing explored many different avenues for this S/S ’20 collection. It starting with monochrome pieces designed to show off the eye shadow and makeup by Kylie Jenner, who last minute couldn’t make the show. The pieces decided to do a 180 and turned into an ode to naughties pop culture, with palettes that had been inspired by Beyonce & Britney. Balmain is a brand that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, rarely following trends but creating it’s own. Rousteing wanted to encourage people to own who they are, but in doing so, ironically ended up throwing the collection into a sea of different directions…that orange blazer though.

Style notes – ‘Crazy in Love’ music video colours, pleated fabrics, strong and extravagant shoulders. A LOT was going on in this collection, check out the rest for the full spectrum of styles.


Christine Phungs collection for Leonard may have not been what is usually expected on the classy and sophisticated runways of Paris Fashion Week. But gym leggings aside, I can’t help but feel drawn to the homage of the female empowerment of the ’70s. Although this is the era that the pieces are based upon, I can’t help but feel those 80’s Miami Vice colours, but what do I know? Style notes – jersey, effortlessly flawless silhouettes, and floral print.

Saint Laurent

Out in the open, for everyone to see, Saint Laurent’s collection was displayed opposite the Eiffel Tower, with bright lights drawing attention for onlookers to sit and marvel in its glory…what I would give. Anthony Vaccarello’s pieces gave off hippie glam vibes with a soft look, but also made sure to include classic chic black evening pieces, with tailored jackets of course!

Style notes – knee-high boots, unreal gold embroidery & print and delicate fabrics. Another collection I couldn’t just pick 3 images of, that off the shoulder dress is simply stunning.

Christian Siriano

What a breath of fresh, fun & new air this collection was! Siriano brought his colourful pop-art inspired pieces, and a load of diversity, with him across the seas to do his first Paris Fashion Week. The Project Runway season 4 winner and season 17 mentor has come along way, and it’s great to see such a positive designer get his well-deserved space at this iconic week. Style notes – pop art print, tassels, pleats, sequins & an abundance of colour.


Inspired by the kids of 1968, Moratti’s collection is not only sustainable (something he’s been passionate about for years) but also pays homage to a generation that got shit done, to put it bluntly. He notes, “that generation helped make the world a better place, fighting for human rights, racial equality, and reproductive rights, and against the war in Vietnam”. He makes comparisons to the younger generation now and rightly so, as Generation Z steps in where others have failed calling them our ‘only hope’.

With garments made from vegan, biodegradable ‘leather’, organic cotton, recycled denim and lycra made from reclaimed fishnet, you can’t say that he hasn’t tried! Style notes – relaxed silhouettes with plenty of room to move, animal print & an earthy palette. A sustainable collection allows for more images out of respect, my friends.

Stella McCartney

From a king of sustainability to an actual queen, Stella McCartney for S/S’20 boasts her most sustainable collection yet, with 75% of materials being eco- friendly. True to her brand, tailored & practical pieces were showcased to the crowd, including a selection of stunning floral print summer dresses. Style notes – stripes in all directions, tightly packed floral print & piping. Again, eco-friendly gets 6 pics…I’m kinda just making up rules as I go.

Miu Miu

What I love about this collection is some pieces are sooo easy to replicate with a bit of thrift shopping! Simple and elegant 1940/50’s styling with pops of colourful print and garments made from raw materials such as linen, canvas & wood. In her own words, the ‘tacky’ collection celebrated the art of layering and embodied what our great grandmothers would sew together with limited resources. It may be a little rough and messy around the edges, but it works and shows the creativity one can have by minding what they throw away. Style notes – mismatched buttons, paint splatter & ruffled edges.


Virginie Viard’s first collection since Karl Lagerfeld’s passing, truly embodies Chanel style and does not disapoint, you can’t see that beautiful tweed and think of anything else! Classy, timeless and chic are just a handful of words that can be used to describe this collection, with a theme that is simply just the Parisian girl style. The show was somewhat interrupted at the end when Marie Benoliel, a French YouTuber & comedian jumped in the final showcase. You can’t help but have a giggle however, what is today’s Chanel girl, if not a little bit of fun? Style notes – tweed for days, black, white & pink with tame floral print.

Louis Vuitton

Well my my, a lot going on here. I am taken aback by the sheer amount of themes all merged into one in this collection, referencing the flourishing arts of the Belle Époque era & spanning the vast range of decades that come after. From ’60s to ’90s with the silhouettes, prints & styling that echo ’70s Biba, we even have some Elizabethan details – a truly mesmerizing show.

Bright colours (purple was very prominent), every pattern you could think of from chain to floral, rainbow zigzags to paisley, checks, stripes, LV has it all. Some of the pieces are simply stunning, make sure to look at the whole collection to see the VHS printed bag, a big talking point for this S/S’20 collection. Style notes – long sleeves with exaggerated shoulders, purple rain music video, structured skirts and mismatching print.

Well, that’s all from me guys, this was only a handful of collections from Paris Fashion Week so make sure you check out the other great collections that graced the runway. It was nice to see some big changes this season with attitudes towards sustainability and diversity shifting. Some changes may be small, but they are changes none the less.

Now, time for some fun. Even us fashionistas question what comes down the runway sometimes. As we are approaching Halloween, it seemed right to include some outfits that are fit for creepy dress up! So behold, a collection of the most (in my opinion) amusing pieces from this year’s S/S ’20 in Paris.

Side note: I have total respect for these designers by the way, Vivienne Westwood, Rick Owens & COMME des GARÇONS have my heart, they wouldn’t be true to their brand ethos if they didn’t keep it crazy!

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  1. thank you for this wonderful post! I remember seeing Christian Siriano on Project Runway, his amazing talent was obvious from the first minute. I love seeing him get more successful!

    I love all the long flowy Valentino dresses and outfits.

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