Halloween Histories

Happy Halloween everyone! I’ve had a lot going on this week so I’ve only been able to get a couple of short posts together.

I’ve got a piece I’m really excited to share next week about social media schedules for marketing, so there’s been a lot of focus on that!

I’m going out with some of my best friends from university this Friday for Halloween and I’ve been getting my outfit sorted this week.

My friend joked that I was the queen of Halloween and it made me think about previous years and what I had worn for the occasion.

I never actually thought of myself as someone that was crazy about Hallowen, but this post proves that at certain points in my life I really gave it a good go.

So I present to you Halloween Histories and I hope you all have a spooktacular day (I’m sorry, couldn’t help it!)

Dead Black Swan

Probably one of the most detailed looks! I remember my house mate at the time doing my hair for this cause it was so difficult to do myself! I remember having so much fun doing the face make up for this and it taking a hot minute to finish and as always, I added fake blood because Halloween!


This one was pretty easy, I had done Halloween outfits 3 days in a row and wanting to make this one a bit simpler. I wore a fake septum piercing for this and carried on wearing it for like 3 days!

I got a pair of tights and used eye shadow over it to create the fake scales here and some stick on gems. I’ve only worn fake eyelashes a few times as I’m blessed but when I do see pictures of myself in them, they always look awesome!

Day Of The Dead

I worked for Revolution Bars Group for nearly 7 years, when I was a bar supervisor a few years ago we had a Day Of The Dead theme at work. Although we couldn’t change uniform, face paint and make up was encouraged and I took this one very seriously.

I had so much fun here and got a lot of compliments, I don’t have a steady hand or patience so for me to get this far with the look was a miracle.


I say joker, but I’m not 100% sure! This was another look that was pretty easy, I pride myself on doing Halloween on a budget so for me the make up and hair is more important than the outfit in most cases. I usually wore something I already had and never practiced the make up before the actual event. I’m pretty confident I’m meant to look a bit crazy in this picture on purpose, but who knows…

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  1. Awesome to see some past ideas and photos to go with them! The mermaid makeup was amazing! Iโ€™m attending something this year and thinking of going as one of those white sheet ghosts ๐Ÿ˜‚ Which is basically buy a sheet and throw it over yourself.

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